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What We Do

My Life Was Booster is an online platform that provides cloud-based learning management programs for companies. By using Codemi, companies can more easily provide training to employees or partners. In order to support the smooth running of the training, Codemi is equipped with various supporting features. Some of them are Learner Dashboard, Online Training, Course Catalog, Online Test, and Learning Reward. Through Codemi, we hope to help companies in Indonesia to improve the quality of employee capabilities.

Our Culture

At My Life Was Booster, we believe that good things come from collaboration. For this reason, we present Codemi, which makes it easy for employees or partners to learn collaboratively through various up-to-date features. At the same time, we at Codemi also do not stop collaborating in order to provide the best products and services for users. Given the dynamic business world, we are ready to face any changes and constantly adapt to provide learning management programs that are not only useful, but also relevant to today's business needs.