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Yellow living room and gallery wall update


What's this, another blog post and it hasn't been months since my last?? Well, I had some cute stuff to share after all of my more heavy-handed writings as of late, so let's get into something light hearted!

Over the past two years, I have FINALLY gotten into home decor. I don't want to repeat myself, but I have written before about how going from my childhood home straight to my then-boyfriend now-fiancé's home at 19 made it difficult to create a space of my own. I never had the financial means, the cohesive aesthetic vision or the assertiveness to do so. But room by room I've gotten closer to the Pinterest board home I'd want to live in, and right now we're working on our living room. Our walls were in dire need of repainting (seriously they were dirty) and after months of debating, Pinterest-ing and going back and forth we ended up deciding to paint part of our living room yellow!

Not a safe choice, definitely a bold statement, but you can always repaint walls and right now we're very much enjoying the energy boost and warmth that radiates from those walls. However, it also made us reconsider some other design choices. Like our gallery wall.

I didn't like the dark frames, the eclecticism of the prints or how dark the biggest art piece was - if there's one color combo I am not a fan of, it's yellow and black. No hate against bumblebees - just not my vibe. So I wanted to start keeping my eyes open for alternative options that worked better with the yellow walls. No rush, but I was kind of low-key annoyed every time I looked at that gallery wall. Happily, Desenio reached out to see if I was interested in another collaboration where I could pick some frames and posters in exchange for some exposure, and the timing was right so I happily obliged! 

Here's a before and after of that little corner. Fewer pieces, a lighter, brighter effect thanks to the white frames, and colors that work well with the yellow. And don't worry - the other prints will find a place elsewhere in our home!

I fell in love with the Amber Dusk artwork straight away, and the Desert View poster was a perfect companion piece to hang next to it. We're keeping the desert theme because it's such a symbolic place for us. We also swapped out the canvas of us kissing on the beach for this Big Blue Sky poster because I love the simple blue print against the yellow backdrop.

Annnnd while browsing the website I also spotted these two prints (Visit Palm Springs and Stay Hydrated) I fell in love with straight away, so I ordered those as well. I didn't know where I was going to hang them but art always finds its place. When I unpacked the posters I suddenly noticed how it seemed like two portrayals of the same little lady in a red swimsuit and of course they had to go up together. For now they are part of our kitchen gallery wall, but who knows where they'll end up!

If you feel like updating your wall dressing, you can use my discount code ANNEBETH on Desenio for 25% off all posters (not the frames or the personalized/handpicked items though). Valid from 25/5 until 27/5, midnight. Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

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