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Seni Unik Piece at FLORIA Putrajaya 2023 - Malaysia Longest Vertical Landscaped Dinding

The concept of “vertical gardens” has long been popular throughout Europe using a patented watering system, normally drip lines. A living wall is made up of modular panels, allowing for a completely customizable size and shape for individual plants. Those panels are also designed for easy replacement of plants.

This year, the Malaysia’s Longest Vertical Landscaped Wall becomes the special feature at FLORIA Putrajaya 2023, which actually has succeeded to get into The Malaysia Book of Records.

My team and I had the opportunity to design this longest vertical landscaped wall. This is a 343.00 metre long living wall covered by a wide variety of tropical plants, foliage, herbs, creepers and orchids. Although 75% of the surface is covered with plant materials, we also highlighted parts of the wall with other special features to create visual excitement and give variety to the wall design.

Scattered throughout the wall are panel sections measuring 3 metres by 3 metres, featuring among others:

- Edible Plants accented with a view of working kitchen and a flat roof shelter with climbers, producing a 3-dimensional effect
- High definition Photography of Orchid species such as Phalaenopsis Hybrid, Dendrobium Genting Blue, Mokara Hassan Red, Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester, Vanda Mines and Vanda Dr. Siti Hasmah.
- Creepers
- Herbs and Flowering Shrubs

Grass panels

Panels of cut logs are installed in between the plants.

You may see some of the plants / herbs commonly used in our kitchen – Chilli Pepper (Capsicum annuum), Kaduk (Piper sarmentosum), Mint (Mentha arvensis); and one of the herbs used in italian cuisine - Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
L - R : Kaduk and Chilli Pepper

L - R : Mint and Rosemary

View of working kitchen (‘chefs’ at work there!!)

The pic of me in my kitchen :)

The wall is highlighted with ambiance lighting for a breathtaking, scenic and spectacular view.

By designing a skillful arrangement of colorful plants, foliage, orchids, grass; and strategically placed hard materials makes this vertical wall a unique art piece at the FLORIA Putrajaya 2023 event.


These pics show you the conceptual design and the installation process:

The Elevation of the wall - showing the placement of special features and selection of suitable plant materials

The Installation Process

Panels of cut logs

Grass panels (Zoysia spp.)  Some of the Tagetes erecta (Yellow Marigold) and paddy in polybags awaited to be slotted into the wall


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