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Port Dickson Wellness Zona: The Healing Path

Have you ever tried walking on a reflexology path somewhere in the parks or your neighbourhood? Yes...some may think that that thing will make you go "Ouch!!".
 Reflexology is an ancient healing art that applies pressure to specific areas of the feet (reflexes), based on the principle that stimulating specific points on the feet can improve the functioning of corresponding organs, glands and other parts of the body.

A reflexology path is one of several wellness activities. The paths exist all over Asia (China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan) and also popular in many European countries. Cobblestone walking reflexology paths are common in China while for Japan / Korea, stepping on bamboo (called "takefumi" by the Japanese) is a unique exercise being practiced for centuries.

These paths are similar to a good foot massage and you can feel like the bottom of a riverbed. In Malaysia, you often see reflexology paths in parks, at resorts or in private gardens. It has also been added as an amenity to a swimming pool, in a forest recreation area, in the hospital courtyards or advertised as one of the residential amenity.

I'll show you the examples of reflexology path designs which was included in one of my landscape projects.....These are the pictures of an upgrading landscape project of PD Walk at Pantai Telok Kemang, Port Dickson which my team and I designed and was completed in 2023. The site is part of PD Wellness Zone (located in an area of 61 kilometre long from Lukut to Pasir Panjang).

Our initial concept for the main gateway of PD Walk

The approach of this park is to provide amenities associated with wellness such as jogging path, 'Tai Chi / aerobic / exercise plaza and reflexology paths. You may also see other landscape elements such as seating, sculptures, shelters and gateways in the pictures. We kept the landscape design within a specific theme, that is "Sea Creatures & The Ocean".
Platform for physical activities - 'Tai Chi' / Aerobic Exercise, etc.
The existing shelter - Pebble wash finish for the flooring. We've created patterns of ocean bubbles and waves, and the turtle too.
Can you interpret these sculptures below? You don't need to know about art to enjoy what you see...just interpret them as you wish!......I'll give you a hint - "sea creatures" ;)
Seatings were made of concrete with pebble wash finish, with star fish & ocean wave pattern
Walkway with stamped concrete finish
Now.....the reflexology path.
We have decided to further explore the design of reflexology paths so that it will transform into aesthetic amusement, not just a mundane design.
How was it installed?
We have proposed the use of pebble stones, wood planks and stepping stones with textures along the reflexology paths. Almost anything can be used for reflexology paths. These different types of natural textures will create a pleasant feel while walking barefoot. The paths consist of rounded small stones embedded in concrete with one edge sticking up, or lying flat. Sometimes, the handrails are provided to help walkers balance and control various foot positions.

Visitors of PD Walk try out the reflexology path

I like the idea of public interactive experiences such as reflexology paths in our parks. This added value is an alternative therapy that will enhance our health and well-being. Our feet are stressful...we should pamper them once in a while! Use these ancient paths in modern ways. Enjoy the feel of the ground, dirt and other natural items under your feet!

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