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October outfits

merino wool sweater, curved leg denim: Uniqlo - white chelsea boots: c/o Sam Edelman - jacket: H&M - beret: Monki

Hi babes! I'm back with another roundup of some of my recent outfits. I really like putting together this format of post because it allows me to get as close as possible to the old type of slice-of-life outfit post that made me fall in love with blogging in the first place. I hope you enjoy it as well!

The outfit above was worn on October 2nd, probably the first day it actually got cold. You know that feeling of the start of a season when you're excited to wear the clothes you've missed for so long? I have to admit I enjoy that shift moreso in summer, but fall and winter have their own charm. I'm always happy to layer up and bring out my hats and coats again. I absolutely loved this outfit - I adore a white on white, and some added beiges and browns work really well. I don't quite remember what I did this particular day - it was a Wednesday, so we possibly worked from home. I'm lucky to have a job that is quite flexible in that regard, and I find that having the option to not face the daily commute from time to time and work from the peace and quiet of my own living room is just the kind of recharging I need. Being able to sleep a little longer doesn't hurt either!

BTW: the sweater and the trousers have become fast favourites in my FW1920 wardrobe. Absolutely the kind of classic pieces I feel stylish in.

fringed jacket: c/o Shein - merino wool sweater: Uniqlo - jeans: Levi's Wedgie straight fit - boots: & Other Stories - handbag: Kate Spade NY

Yes, I bought that sweater in two shades. I wore this look on Saturday, October 5th - my sister and her boyfriend came over to meet our new kitten Carlito, and we had decided to cook fresh pasta together. I had been a bit cocky thinking I could create spaghetti by hand, but luckily my boyfriend was feeling impulsive and ended up driving to the one store still open where we might be able to buy a pasta maker. We had lots of fun rolling out the pasta (not as hard as we had feared!) and had a delicious dinner of spaghetti carbonara with a salad on the side.

I don't talk about this very often, but cooking has become a hobby of ours. After the workweek (or day) has ended, nothing helps me wind down like losing myself in the process of creating a delicious, home cooked meal. My very own version of mindfulness.

merino wool sweater: Uniqlo - button through skirt: c/o Monki - tights: c/o Gambettes - boots: & Other Stories - beret: vintage

Being honest here: this outfit was also worn on Saturday October 5th because my sister was available to shoot some pics, and I wanted extra content for Instagram. Et voila, this outfit! A classic look that I've favoured for years, and I love the muted tones of white, blue and brown together. Not 100% convinced about the harsher contrast of the black tights and boots, but I was kind of stuck styling the outfit so this is what I ended up wearing.

Shearling lined denim jacket: c/o Lee Jeans - plaid skirt: vintage - tartan top: Monki - beret: Galleries Lafayette - brogues: c/o Softwaves

This is what I wore on Thursday, October 10th. I was working from home again and my mom came over to meet Carlito. Yes, getting a kitten is a lot like having a newborn. But with better sleep, thank god. My mom is always happy to snap a few pictures for me (she's probably the only person who enjoys it to that extent), so I took a short break from answering emails to take some shots of this double tartan look. You know I love a bit of print mixing. I change out of the tights as soon as I got home though, as Carlito really enjoys climbing up your leg to see what you're doing. A true tights assassin.

dress: New Look - hat: Zalando - hat: Kate Spade NY - boots: c/o Primark

Saturday October 12th was obviously a strangely warm day, as you can see. Suddenly out of my wools and tights and into bare legs and arms! I felt like having some fun with my look and mixed some prints into this playful, feminine boho look. In general my style has gravitated towards simpler outfits, but I get flights of fancy where I suddenly feel like creating a real "look" and have some fun with my wardrobe. I don't remember doing much this day - I enjoyed the weather and we did some gardening!

dress, shoes: Mango - blazer, sunglasses: H&M

Sunday October 13th was another strangely warm day, and I fully enjoyed my second day in a row having bare legs so late in the year. I bought this dress in spring when my boyfriend and I drove down to Lille for a mini city trip plus some shopping, and even though it has probably been my most worn dress over summer, I never got around to photographing it and featuring it here. I love its cool-to-the-touch cotton fabric, the vibrant colour and its loose, tiered shape. I was also having a very good hair day. My current shorter, layered haircut looks more different from day to day than my previous longer hair, but I'm rolling with it.

plaid two piece: c/o Shein - puffy headband: c/o Shein - boots: c/o Wonders shoes - blazer: Zara

Saturday October 19th - I went to the hairdresser's with my boyfriend. We've recently discovered barbershops, and he hasn't looked back. Unfortunately he forgot to bring cash so we had to walk about a mile in the middle of nowhere to get to an ATM. An inconvenient adventure, I guess. I was quite happy with this look though - loving the plaid two piece and the padded headband (which thankfully looked less weird than I had feared). Btw, if you like either of the pieces, you can get 15% off your order if you spend over €65 at Shein with my code, styling65! Last time I ordered I also got this polkadot headscarf and this striped turtleneck sweater. The sweater is absolutely perfect and I've been wearing it a lot so I can definitely recommend that one!

dress: c/o Shein - silver glitter boots: Zara - sunglasses: c/o Shein - beret: vintage

I feel like October was actually a very playful month for me, style wise. Another strangely warm day, Saturday October 26th. I also notice that almost all of my outfits this month were shot on the weekend - I guess that just underlines how busy I've been at work, no time, energy or daylight to take pics after getting home. I've been working on some really cool projects though, organizing a press conference that ended up going swimmingly by the way, so the hard work was worth it! But yeah, a relaxing month it wasn't. We've just hired a really cool new colleague on our team so I trust that things will be getting better soon.

sweater: c/o Signe nature - suede skirt: vintage - boots: c/o & Other Stories - handbag: c/o Clemence Flane - faux leather cap: c/o Shein

On Sunday, October 27th I took out my much loved thigh high boots for the first time this season. They still look as lovely as they did when I first bought them in 2023, making them 100% worth the investment. This is the week I was starting to get sick - first I struggled with an ear infection for about a week and a half, keeping me from getting a good night's sleep because it hurt so much, and when that cleared up I got an infected lymph node in my armpit that grew to the size of a ping pong ball. After two courses of antibiotics the infection finally drained (it was not pretty), but by that time my other ear got infected. So I had three pretty shitty weeks, healthwise, which was especially crappy since things are hectic at work. I feel like I definitely reached my illness quotum for 2023!

teddy coat: c/o Primark - belt: Gucci - top: Pimkie - kickflares: c/o Lee Jeans - boots: Stradivarius - teddy bucket hat: c/o Shein

On Thursday october 31st, I had a day off from work which we used to prep for the Halloween party we were throwing. I had just taken a bunch of painkillers before snapping this picture, so I could hardly feel my armpit, which explains the blissfully happy expression on my face. Oh, these kickflare jeans are my current favourite trousers. I had been looking for black, highwaisted kickflares for a while but didn't find any to my liking, so I ended up cutting off these Lee jeans flares I had and now I have the perfect pair! Surprisingly flattering and a great way to show off a pair of shoes.

plaid suit: c/o Shein - loafers: c/o Ras shoes - cap: Brixton

Final look! Technically, I wore this on the 1st of November so it isn't an October outfit, but I wanted to include it anyway. Before I finally decided on my Halloween look, I shortly contemplated doing a zombie Cher Horrowitz thing for which this suit would have been absolutely perfect. This was another day mostly spent running errands to prep for our Halloween party. We bought loads of decorations, food and a ginger curly wig that I totally wish was my real hair.
Anyway, hope you like the outfits and this peek into my October! Cheers!

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