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Make Your Garden A Peaceful Place To Seharusnya

Do you have a 'special place'...? Whether your garden is big or small, or even container gardening.....Escape the stress and share the joy of gardening with your family or friends.

In a garden, beauty is hidden around every corner. So many wondrous varieties of flowers and plants in every color, the surroundings are sure to delight your senses. You can mix any of the plants you like.....after all, it's your garden! Just one bit of advice - start small. "Better to succeed just a little, than to fail grandly". An enjoyable garden escape doesn't have to be very big and can be recreated in any space, all it takes is creativity :)

A garden of my own - I like being there !

Contrasting plants with different textures and colours creates interest to the eyes.

If there's somewhere in your garden that affords a great view, then why not enjoy it in a little style? For an open and panoramic feel, go for a gazebo. Gazebos are open pavilion structures that offer some shelter from the sun or rainfall, but without walls.

Tired of looking at the same, boring garden? Try adding some features like urns, decorative pots or any garden ornaments. You don't need expensive accessories....sometimes even an old pot can enhance the appearance of your garden! They are all ways to brighten up your garden's beauty and lend functionality to the space.



Noticed the super-sized plant? I've been nurturing this giant plant since it was a 'baby'. It is 10 years now! This plant has long spearlike leaves that are somewhat wavy. The leaves are bright green with a brown rib vein down the center and will grow 1 - 2 feet long. It is called Bird's Nest Fern or in scientific name : Asplenium nidus. The locals give them a creepy name....Paku Langsuyar / Paku Sakat. Whatever they name it, this is my all time favourite plant :)


Melastoma malabathricum, having large purple flowers commonly known as the Singapore Rhododendron or known by its Malay name, Senduduk.


Allamanda cathartica (Golden Trumpet)


 Christia vespertilionis (Red Butterfly Wing / Mariposa)


Rosa sp. (Rose)

Calliandra emarginata (Powder Puff Flower)
Mansoa hymenaea (Garlic Vine)

Centella asiatica (Pegaga)

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