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Dazzling Underwater Taman

Salam and Hello again!

 Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered. Earth is beautiful, we should treasure it.....By the way, have you ever been snorkeling or scuba diving? (why on earth am I asking that anyway...?)
Okay, this time is about experiencing a unique landscape – ‘The Underwater Gardens’.

View of Berjaya Tioman beach at Kg Tekek
I experienced seeing the underwater gardens recently (well...this is my second time actually). I just got back from one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Island in the world, visited by island hoppers, sun lovers, snorkelers and divers every year – Tioman Island. It is well known as a diving and snorkeling paradise, just like Redang and Perhentian in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. The best time to visit Tioman is between March and October. Calm water and best visibility (15m to 30m) can be expected during these months. Currents on Tioman are also on the mild side.
If you are travelling by plane, as soon as we passed the security gate, there’s a counter at Tioman Airport to pay the marine park conservation charge. As required by the Fee Act 1951, Fee Order (Marine Park Malaysia) 2003, a Marine Park Conservation Charge is applicable for Tioman, which is RM5 per person.

The land and the waters of Tioman Island are gazetted as wildlife and marine reserves. Abundance of fabulous coral and marine life of myriad shades and hues live in this water. Reefs are like the underwater gardens of the sea. It's a whole different world down there...
My first snorkeling spot was Tulai Island. I saw coral of every colour and shape. The 'coral gardens' were amazingly beautiful! The coral formation is mainly staghorn corals, bommie corals, brain corals, cabbage and potato corals. I was lost for words and was humbled by the experience.....There were so many brilliantly multicoloured tropical fish, sea cucumbers and sea anemonae. Too bad I don’t have underwater camera to take underwater shots! (but here are some pics of Tioman underwater life I found from several websites just to show you how the scenery look like down there)
Photo credit:
Acropora grandis (Staghorn Coral)
Photo credit :
Photo credit :

Gomphosus varius (Bird Wrasse)
Photo credit :
Abudefduf sexfasciatus (Scissortail Sergeant)
Photo credit :
Scaridae (Bicolor Parrotfish)
Photo credit :
Hand feeding the fishes (most of them are Scissortail Sergeant fish). They were so friendly and were not scared of me at all !

Renggis Island - a small rocky island, located just in front of the Berjaya Tioman Resort features the most colorful coral garden in Tioman. (notice the image circled in this pic?)
Renggis Island - closer look
This was my second snorkeling spot after Tulai Island. The resident marine life you can find here are damselfish, wrasse, angel fish, puffer, titan trigger, parrot fish, butterfly fish, moray eels and sea urchins. School of fish tailing along you and you will feel that you are actually part of their group! The diver accompanying us told that even shark was spotted here! (don't worry they don't come too close and there hasn't been any shark attacks in the last 20 years or so)
Echinoidea (Sea Urchins) - I found lots of them in Renggis Island waters !
Amazing world down there, indeed...
Should you have the opportunity, go explore and see the real beauty of the underwater garden!



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