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Beauty review: Gliss Kur Weekly Therapy Hair Repair pouches

 This blog post was sponsored by Shopmium, but all views and opinions expressed are my own

Hi babes! I'm back with another beauty review. Today I'll be talking about hair care, something that has become more important to me in recent years thanks to my enduring experimentation with bleach, hair dye and heat tools aka all the things that make hair (and life) fun. What's the point of having (long) hair if you can't mess around with it, right?? 

I never quite understood that fixation that some people seem to have with healthy hair. Hair is dead matter anyway. But of course, it's nice to have your hair look as soft, sleek, shiny and bouncy as it possibly can. And I love finding the products that can help you achieve that look. So I was eager to try these new Gliss Kur Hair Repair pouches.

These 50ml pouches come in three versions: one with keratin for heavily damaged, dry hair; one with phyto stem cells for damage prone hair, and one with lipids for long hair prone to damage and split ends. FYI, keratin is a protein that is a hair component that can get depleted through damage, phyto stem cells are stem cell extracts derived from plants - experimental stuf, and lipids are also essential components of healthy hair. Just so you know what all of that means. 

Since I just cut off a huge chunk of my hair, the treatment for long hair prone to damage and split ands isn't as relevant to my needs right now, so I picked up the keratin and phyto stem cell pouches.

The treatments can be used after washing on thicker hair, or before washing on thinner or fine hair. My hair is quite fine, so I ended up applying the treatment to my hair before washing, but I feel like I could definitely have gone for the after washing application. I used a clarifying shampoo, so I probably washed out too much of the treatment to get its full nourishing effect.

By the way, the phyto stemcell treatment has these little argan powder particles in it that almost makes it feel like some type of hair scrub. The treatment itself is thick, which I always like. It's all in the mind probably, but thicker masks just feel more nourishing.

Results: for now I'm liking these pouches, but I want to give them another go applying after washing instead of before since I felt like the treatment only had a slight impact on the feel of my ends. The thing I appreciate most about these is that the whole small pouch concept allows you to try a new treatment and what it does for your hair without having to commit to a big tub or tube. I know plenty of people who like switching up their hair care because their hair seems to get "used" to a product after a while, which makes these pouches a good option.

The Gliss Kur Weekly Therapy Hair Repair pouches are readily available at your local drugstore (I got mine at Kruidvat), and if you use the Shopmium app you'll get €1.50 (roughly 50%) off!

I'll probably share my further experiences with these pouches on my IG stories, so keep a tab on me there and let me know if you have any hair mask recs!

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